In our culture, family, teammates, customers, caring, and smiles are one.  The greatest assets of a team are its members.  We create a culture where we can support each other and therefore our families and customers to levels unattainable by our competitors.  We enjoy what we do, we care for each other, help each other and our customers smile and let the results of our culture set us apart.

We work in concert as a family – all employees acting as one.  We care about each other and our customers and all our families.  Families are all of our first priorities.  If we know each other better and care more, every day is fun and productive and we leave every day happy and looking forward to tomorrow.

We give our full efforts all the time.  Doing a little better every day makes us much better when the future becomes the present.  We constantly ZAPP, rather than SAPP the strength of our teammates. 

We know what our jobs are, how what we do benefits those around us (teammates and customers) and what our goals are.  By knowing how our accomplishments affect our teammates and our customers, we better focus on what is important and every day leave CSLLC proud of what we have accomplished.

We know where CSLLC is heading and how we are going to get there.  Communication and delegation of authority are keys to each member of our team accepting responsibility and accountability.  We like to learn and we help each other learn.

We make our customers smile by caring about them, helping them reduce their costs, and always doing what we say we will do.

Each of us has agreed that we will deal with facts and not make assumptions, we will always be impeccable with our word, we will always do our best and demand the best of each of our teammates and we will not take anything personally.  We need every teammate’s input and ideas.  We constantly ask questions about what is true and what do we need to change.

We exist to make money for our company which is our teammates.  Acting as one is how we succeed.