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Safety First
Safety First

Safety is our primary objective at Conveying Solutions, LLC. All CSLLC employees’ are MSHA trained and conduct weekly mandatory safety meetings and JSA reviews.
• 24/7 Emergency Services
• Belt Condition Monitoring
• Conveyor Belt Refurbishing
• Pulleys - Installation & Lagging
• Trouble Shooting Conveyor Issues
• Belt Cleaner Installation
• Belt Cleaner Service
• Contract Maintenance
• Conveyor Design
• Turnkey Belting & Equipment Installation

Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing and Installation
Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing and Installation

Our Certified, highly trained technicians will rise to the occasion when you have conveyor issues. Our Specialty is our Grizzly Splices® which is the best performing splice available. We are available 24/7 for Emergency Service.

Cyclone Pro Service for your Belt Cleaners
Cyclone Pro Service for your Belt Cleaners

A conveyor belt cleaner inspection/maintenance program. The service will help customers achieve production targets, minimize unscheduled downtime and demonstrate sustainable improvements with Conveying Solutions conveyor belt cleaner service expertise.

Conveying Solutions, LLC has redefined how companies define “service”. We provide complete conveyor systems, individual conveyor components, complete installation, and ongoing maintenance for all your conveyor systems.
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10 Commandments of Safety

Developing and following everyday safety habits can keep you injury free. Here are ten to follow:
1. Follow the Rules. Follow all safety rules and encourage others to do the same.
2. Allow only qualified individuals to operate equipment. Supervisors should make sure that only trained and authorized employees operate fork lifts, heavy equipment and other types of machinery. If you haven’t been trained on the use of a piece of equipment, don’t operate it.
3. Respect machinery and equipment. Make sure safety guards are in place and that you use them. When maintenance must be performed make sure that lockout-tagout procedures are followed.
4. Use your own initiative for safety protection. As the employee, you are usually in the best position to see problems if they arise. If you cannot correct them, or if you aren’t comfortable correcting them, bring the problem to your supervisor or manager. Don’t assume that someone else will notice the problem or report it.
5. Ask Questions! If you are uncertain, or if you don’t know, ASK! If your supervisor or manager.
6. Use care and caution when lifting. Most back strains result from improper lifting. Use proper lifting techniques when lifting. Ask for assistance if the load is too heavy for you to lift by yourself.
7. Practice good housekeeping. Disorganized work areas are the source for many accidents. When done well, housekeeping can eliminate or reduce incidents, improve morale and increase productivity. Clean up spills promptly. Housekeeping should be considered a day-to-day responsibility, not just an extra task once or twice a year.
8. Wear PPE and sensible work clothes. Always wear the required or recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) for your job or job task. Wear sturdy and appropriate footwear when safety shoes are not required. PPE is not a substitute for eliminating hazards.
9. Practice good personal hygiene. Avoid touching your eyes, face and mouth with gloves or hands that are dirty. Be careful so as to avoid ingesting any dust, chemicals, or contaminants.
10. Be a positive part of the safety team. Your positive attitude and participation in safety around the workplace can play a major role in the prevention of accidents and injuries. Always take the safest path, never take shortcuts.
Slam Accidents – “STOP, LOOK, ANALYZE and MANAGE”

CSLLC Apprenticeship Program – Salisbury North Carolina

Conveying Solutions, LLC is pleased to announce the creation of a Conveyor Maintenance Mechanic Apprenticeship program registered with the state of North Carolina and based at 804 Julian Road, Salisbury North Carolina 28147. 6,000 Hour or 3-Year Program, travel required.

Our vision is to be the most respected and successful conveyor service provider in the world. To attain that it requires qualified personnel, this program provides the necessary individual training to achieve that. An apprenticeship is a job with substantial training and the development of transferable skills.
It is a way to earn while you learn, gaining a real qualification and a future.
As a Conveyor Maintenance Mechanic, you will be trained to install, repair, and service conveyor systems and other mechanical equipment as dictated by our customer’s needs.

Some of the Benefits are:

1.Earn a Competitive Wage

2.Medical Insurance


4.Learn a specific job skill

5.Work towards nationally recognized qualifications.

To Apply submit an application at https://csllc.us/employment/employment-application/